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58 years of Independence and the Status-Quo of Nigeria

I seek for your green light to briefly address the status quo ante and the status quo of our nation “Nigeria” as we clock 58 years today. This is deemed necessary because I know it may seem discreet to you due to your possession of two vital and task demanding positions held by you (President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria & The Hon. Minister for Petroleum), showing that Nigeria is juvenile even at 58.
To give perspective to what has been happening in Nigeria between 1st October, 1960 till date, it is expedient to take consideration the state of affairs and the well-being of the nation’s habitué. It is believed that a person of 58 years should exhibit a high ratio of responsibility and where such expectation is lacking, the person is said to be benighted. The last time I checked, Nigeria seems similar to a person of such characteristic.
Since independence in 1960, the development efforts and outcomes in Nigeria varied from time to time. It may interest you to know that it is becoming worse in this present dispensation. A trace to other administrative effort from time to time is seen not necessary in this letter because such data can best be given by one among your governmental facets. But to serve as a reminder; there have been attempts by previous government over poverty alleviation, most notably with the following programmes; National Accelerated Food Production Programme and the Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank 1972; Operation Feed the Nation 1976; Green Revolution Programme 1979; Directorate of Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure (DFFRI) 1986; Family Support Programme and the Family Economic Advancement Programme 1993; National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) 2001; Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P) 2012 and even the N-POWER programme of your administration.
The question that calls for an urgent answer is why then is Nigeria still at her present stage? Even with the vast natural resources, why is Nigeria characterized among the most suffering nations in the world? Oh! Nigeria, where is thy strength? Oh! Nigeria, give me a place to stand and I will shake the whole nation. 58 years of religious crisis, terrorism and insurgency, undeveloped health and educational sector, increase in corruption and political crisis, mis-appropriation of government funds and embezzlement, inconsistency of governmental policies, causing bewilderedness among the occupants, Oh! Nigeria, hear the cry of the innocent souls. Day by day a thousand souls depart this planet due to a mistake caused unknown. I make myself the voice of the common citizen, please Nigeria, step down from your ego and feel the pains of the masses. What a logorrhea.
The pandemic situation demands a swift and blistering attention. It is supposed that for Nigeria to easily arrive at her destination, education should be given due priority. It serves as the bedrock for nation’s building. Every other governmental parastatal emerges from the umbrella “Education”. Thus, the performance/expectancy should not be more than the input into ensuring that Nigeria has a good, qualitative, world-class educational standard. How then will this be realistic when there is a separation of the real education practitioners from policy making and implementation of the sector? It of course warrants attention. Every sector, ranging from Health, Agriculture, Finance, and Social to Religion is a product of education.
I thereby advise that your government should be pragmatic, constructive and focused. Stringent regulatory policies should be encouraged. The people’s interest should be more of concern than political interest and party mantra protection. A focus of what should be done with the available resources should be an area of concern rather than a blame of the past. If the seat seems to be too demanding then you can take a walk home and I promise to make manifest of the available.
This I write without verbiage.
Arise o compatriot
Will always serve you, having the interest of the people at heart.
Coming soon…
Long live Nigeria.
Uket Igri@NYSC
Forward until it gets to the presidency

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    Beautiful piece!

    Well done Uket.

  2. Odusote Jesuferanmi

    Beautiful piece!

    Well done Uket.

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